Reduce the costs you dont like but cannot avoid!

An alternative for those, who are not in love with their utility, mobile communication or financial services provider.

Fuel Save up to <span>8%</span> from fuel charges!
  • Save up to 8% from fuel charges!
GDPR Test Check your GDPR readiness with<span> 20%</span>discount!
  • Check your GDPR readiness with 20%discount!
Digital office Save at least <span>1h</span> daily from looking for documents!
  • Save at least 1h daily from looking for documents!
Telecommunications <br> <br> Save from your telecommunication bill

  • Save from your telecommunication bill
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Utink combines utility, mobile subscription and financial services to give you:

Fair conditions

Clear pricing, no hidden conditions and additional expenses, detailed consumption reports

Great discounts

The more subscription services you use, the more discounts you receive

To make your life easier and cheaper!

Manage your utility expenses in one platform. United in UTink we receive better prices: “The more, the more“

Use the accumulated discounts:

Support a cause important for you, help to improve society or make something good for yourselves!

Why we have membership prices?

To maintain and develop the platform independently from utility providers.